Termo MR d.o.o.
Pod izviri 8, 2000 Maribor
SI - Slovenia
Tel: +386 2 614 06 10
Fax: +386 2 614 06 11


TERMO MR d.o.o. (ltd.) is a company which produces temperature probes to measure and regulate temperature in all types of industry, energetics and industrial laboratories.

Resistance thermometers with sensors Pt 100, Pt 500 and Pt 1000 are produced in compliance with European norm standards DIN IEC-751, in tolerance classes A, B and 1/3 DIN B, for temperature ranges from –250º C to + 800º C. They are made in standard
form and also according to customers’ requirements, their plans or samples.

Thermocouples are manufactured in compliance with European norm standards DIN IEC-584: Fe-CuNi type »J«, NiCr-Ni type »K« and PtRh-Pt type »S« and »B« as well as in compliance with DIN 43710: Fe-CuNi type »L«. They are available in straight and in angle shape, in standard and non-standard dimensions, classic models with wire thermopares in protective reinforcement made of stainless steel, fire-proof steel, ceramics and other materials which depend on the measured media, temperature and work conditions.

Due to their dimensions and flexibility mineral insulated thermocouples are particularly useful. Also probes for machinery measurements and resistance thermometres are produced, mainly for plastic recycling industry and food industry.

Where classic probes are not suitable, stationary and handheld non-contact thermometers can be supplied. Besides the probes, a complete range of tools and equipment for their installation, connection and functioning is available, e.g. installation and connection elements, connectors, conductors, transmitters, digital indicators, controllers and registrators.
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